Lindner Brasausky Specifies 2,500 Tons Of Scafom-rux Systems

Lindner Brasausky Specifies 2,500 Tons Of Scafom-rux Systems

For Offshore Wind Farm Converter Platform SylWin Alpha

Offshore wind farms are becoming more and more significant in times of fossil fuel energy uncertainty. They’re also emblematic of fundamental changes to global energy policies.

One of the global players deeply involved with the construction of modern wind farms is the company Nordic Yards. The company is market leader in the sector of HVDC converter platforms. It recently awarded the contract for the scaffolding work on the new offshore platform SylWin alpha to the scaffolding specialist company Lindner Brasausky.

The new offshore platform will be a part of the wind farm about 70 kilometres to the west of Sylt, the largest island in North Frisia, Germany’s northernmost islands. The power generated from wind will be transformed on these so-called converter platforms and then redirected to the mainland.The transformer station has enormous proportions. It is the largest platform of its kind anywhere with an overall height of some 80 metres (40 metres of which are above water level), a width of 56 and a length of 82 metres. For Lindner Brasausky this project is the largest individual contract it has been awarded so far and is similarly its greatest challenge since the company was founded.

Lindner Brasausky chose the modular RINGSCAFF from Scafom-rux for the scaffolding of the various sections of the platform in the Wismar and Warnemünde shipyards.

Approximately 2,500 tons of the modern modular scaffolding system were used, primarily steel planks with hook-up on tubes. All the scaffolding material had been previously coated in the corporate colours of Lindner Brasausky by Scafom-rux in Hagen.

During the six-month construction phase, an impressive 450,000 m³ of solid frame scaffolding had been moved. As many as 10,000 scaffolding solutions had to be installed by up to 100 fitters within just one month. Another remarkable aspect of the project is the enormously high safety standards that were applied and achieved throughout this very demanding project.

The platform was assembled in various sections and transported on pontoons for final assembly. Lindner Brasausky satisfied all the high requirements and expectations regarding qualified personnel, capacities and competence in the implementation.